Geranium-pink and crimson

Geraniums are so common flowers but sometimes, they have beautiful colors. I like the crimson veined pink petals of this one.
They look almost fake in this close up photo.
Pink-crimson geranium close up
This is a more realistic view.
Pink and crimson geraniums
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Joanne Olivieri said...

Those hot pink details are beautiful.

Ruth said...

Gorgeous colors. so lovely. I haven't seen geranium before so may be it's not common in tropical areas. Or maybe I've seen them but not as beautiful as yours.

Jama said...

The colors are simply gorgeous!

Lui said...

Such vivid color it really stands out, Maia!

Judy said...

Maia, I love the vibrant colours of these geraniums! But I think the best part of geranium flowers is the tiny "flower" on the stamen, or whatever!!

Larry said...

What wonderful shots of the geraniums Maia... absolutely beautiful but so often taken for granted... you've captured their essence! Larry

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