Painted November sunset

After just two cloudy days and a few raindrops, today the beautiful blue sky was back.
For middle November, we have unusual high temperatures (18 - 20°C) during the day, so I went out to make some photo reserves for winter.
Autumn sky
The days are much shorter though. While spending time with a few wildflower, the sun was already gone.
November river sunset
The wind was working hard all they to paint the sky in beautiful red and golden colors for sunset.
Golden clouds on the horizon
I captured these photos a few hours ago and they are straight out of the camera. Please, pardon me for those electricity lines.
November sunset
Visit Skywatch Friday for other sky photos.


Joanne Olivieri said...

Wow, simply beautiful. That sunset takes my breath away.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful captures!

Bill S. said...

Those are magical colors. Sunsets really make a beautiful end to some days.

Janie said...

The golden color is just wonderful.

Unknown said...

I love your photos...such wonder there is in an Autumn sunset.

Unknown said...

Beautiful skies and sunset photographs.

Unknown said...

breathtaking autumn skies. love your photos.

Gemma Wiseman said...

A glorious collection of photos! Wonderful drama of colours!

Sally in WA said...

Excellent sunset captures!

Leovi said...

Beautiful panoramic with a light and a perfect shot. Greetings.

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