Winter magic-snow covered landscape

In the last three days of the week the heavy snowfall transformed our town into a winter wonderland, for those who had time to enjoy it.
There is something magical about the sparkle of the soft, freshly fallen snow that you can experience only while it is snowing.
Snow covered pine trees-winter scene
Trees are bending under the weight of the snow, branches are curling and breaking.
I like to watch and photograph these pine trees in their white snow mantle, though I admit, I was a a little concerned about the huge quantity of snow on the tree branch above my head, in the next shot.
Pine tree branches under snow blanket
The white snow blanket is like a see of tranquility and peacefulness that quiets everything down, including our hearts and souls.
Maple trees covered by fresh snow
Even the birds are quiet and listen to the silence of the falling snow.
Sparrow resting on snow covered bush


Janie said...

These are beautiful winter scenes. I especially like the bird in the snow.

Larry said...

Lovely photos Maia but I must say the scene looks all to familiar... although I am thankful for insulating properties of snow in the gardens! Larry

Kilauea Poetry said...

This is gorgeous! What could be more beautiful? We have snow here this year (none last)..but finally made it up to the mountains! Anyway, enjoyed these photos of naturally flocked trees!

Anonymous said...

The last photo looks so peaceful and the little bird adds the perfect touch to the winter scene.

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