Sweet Violets-Viola odorata-pictures

Sweet Violets (Viola odorata) is blooming along the roadsides.
If you are in a hurry, the sweet, unmistakable perfume will sure make you stop and admire these common but very beautiful, deep purple flowers.
"Sweet Violet, sweeter than all the rose", as the lyric says.
Viola odorata-Sweet violet
Spending some time among these spring beauties, while taking photos, you'll forget about most of your worries and even get romantic.
The flowers are full of honey to the delight of bees, bumblebees and ants.
Bee on sweet violet
Sweet Violets grow wild in many places but they are also cultivated for their many medicinal and cosmetic uses..
The Violet propagates itself by sending out runners from the main plant, which in turn send out roots and become new plants. This way violets can cover large arias in gardens or woodland. They will thrive in partly shaded places.
Viola odorata-Sweet violet field
The main use of the Violets in these days is as a coloring agent and perfume.
The fresh flowers have also been used as an addition to salads; they have a laxative effect.
The French are also known for their violet syrup, most commonly made from an extract of violets.

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