Quince tree flower-Cydonia oblonga pictures

This old quince tree was in full flower a week ago when I took the photos. This is the orchard Quince-Cydonia oblonga, not to be confused with the flowering quince bush.
The homeland of the quince is the mountainous region called the Caucasus lying between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea.
Quince trees are very hardy,deciduous and live for about 30 years. They characteristically grow into twisted and contorted shapes, with entwining branches.
Quince blossom-Cydonia oblonga flower macro
As part of the rose family (Rosaceae) and related to apples and pears, the quince has similar but larger flowers of a white-pinkish color, produced in late spring or early summer in this case, after the leaves.
From the distance I was wondering what kind of tree is flowering so late but than I saw its hairy leaves.
Quince tree branch with flowers-quince blossoms
The Quince fruits are covered with the same dense, grey-white hairs as the leaves which rubs off before maturity in late autumn.
The pear-like fruits have a hard, astringent flash which is too sour to eat raw but develop sweetness if allowed to fully ripen on the tree. It is one of the most aromatic fruit in the world with a unique, intense perfume-like fragrance.
Quince tree flowering-Cydonia oblonga
The fruit is very appreciated for making jam, jelly, compote, quince cheese and the famous French treat, the Cotignac, a clear gel made from boiled quince juice and sugar.
It is also popular in countries having a fatty cuisine, like Germany, Hungary and South Africa, its high acidity counteracting the greasiness of the foods.

In most parts of central and southern Europe and warm-temperate southwest Asia where the summers are sufficiently hot for the fruit to fully ripen, quince is also used to make tasty drinks;
a sweet dessert wine high in alcohol, quince brandy and quince juice

Appealing as an ornamental, the quince tree can be planted in a lawn setting with a single tree, offering attractive foliage, spring flowers, autumn colors and fragrant fruits.

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Cecilia Artista said...

Beautiful, interesting tree with wonderful flowers!

Fjällripan said...

Beautiful flowers! Great photo as well, I like that it is so green around the three in the last...

msdewberry said...

I have never tasted anything made from the quince fruit! Or seen their flowers or tree. It's one thing I like about visiting blogs is to see things I am not familiar with. The Quince has gorgeous blooms!

Bengts fotoblogg said...

Great photos, lovely flowers.

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful blooms and a pretty tree. Thanks for stopping by my bog. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blossoms Maia. The flowering quince we have here come in a flaming red colors and grow as bushes, not trees.

Janie said...

The blossoms are gorgeous and the information is great, too.

SquirrelQueen said...

The blooms are beautiful. I have never seen a quince tree before, it has a lovely shape.

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