Black cat catching a little bird-photo

This beautiful but bad black cat just caught a little bird in the tree.
While I was taking some flowers shots I heard a terrible noise cumming from the tree near the garage. A beautiful little bird was shouting as loud as it could on the garage top.
I got closer with the intention to take a photo of the bird when I saw this black devil climbing down from the tree, headfirst. With its sophisticated sense of balance and agility it was clinging to the lowers branches until it could jump down, right in front of me. A second little bird was in the cat's mouth.

I can't tell you who was more surprised, the cat or I. I've never seen a domestic cat hunting, they are too lazy for that especially in this hot weather.
Anyway, the cat knew very well the escape path but as I was following it.
It turned back his head, with a threatening face expression, probably to protect its pray and there it was my one time chance to take the picture. It just stood there as long as the camera was pointed at him and than vanished through the hole under the fence.
This is not an excellent picture; the cat was in the tree shadow and I was standing face to the sun.

The bird pair was nesting in the tree. The cat is from the neighborhood, it even had a collar.
I'm not exactly a cat person, though I can tolerate them if I must, but now I was very disappointed and surprised.
On the other hand, cats are made to be hunters. I must admit, this one is in excellent shape and beautiful too. Many people would be happy to have it on a country farm to get rid of rodents.
Plus, it sure doesn't need the firefighters' help to get down from the tree.


Unknown said...

Great moment beautifully captured Maia.

Anonymous said...

Caught in the act... Great shot!

My cat Stinky was about to do the same thing this morning with a baby bird that had fallen onto the ground. I arrived just in time to place it back in the tree, while Mom/Dad swooped down and chased Stinky away!

Jidhu Jose said...

nice shot

Janie said...

The cat is just following its natural instincts, but it is a shame to see the bird go down.
Great capture!

Kate said...

I should send this photo to my neighbor who lets her cat run free. I love song birds and enjoy house cats, but it's irresponsible to let your cats outside, even with a bell. Makes me provoked.

Míriam Luiza said...

O gato estava fazendo seu papel na natureza, apesar de ser chocante para nós. A foto está ótima, pois você pegou o gato no pulo.

Anonymous said...

I wish it had been a rodent and not a bird that got caught!

Anyway, I prefer dogs Maia.

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