Cherry picking-Up the cherry tree

Cherries are and always were my favorite fruits but I can never get enough of them. Though cherry trees grow without any problem in our parts, cherries became one of the most expensive fruits, three times the price of bananas, kiwis or other fruits that are brought from other continents.
My cousin has two sweet cherry trees in her garden and I was invited to cherry picking today. It was about time, before the birds eat up all the juicy fruits.
I was up in the cherry tree in no time and after my stomach was full, I took some pictures too.
Sweet cherries on a plate-close-up
Cherry tree branch with cherries
Cherries in a glass bowl


Grumpy1 said...

Oh, Maia - I love cherries, too. We get them around December, in Australia - a Xmas delight.
Your photos are so lovely, I had to lick the screen! hahahahaha

SquirrelQueen said...

The cherries are beautiful, they look so juicy. Your photos are gorgeous Maia but you are making my mouth water.

They are also very expensive here. I need to find a place to pick some.

Nancy said...

Beautiful, red cherries! I have several nanking cherry bushes that are ready -- I need to get out there and pick them. :)

Anonymous said...

preciosas fotografías!!!!

Janie said...

The cherries look so delicious!

Anonymous said...

Que bonitas fotos de las cerezas!!!

Jama said...

Cherries are my favorite but we don't grow them here, mostly they are imported from California. I just can't get enough of them.

Anonymous said...

They look luscious Maia and I love the plate you put them on in the first photo.

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