Sweet mock orange shrub-Philadelphus coronarius flower photos

Sweet mock orange-Philadelphus coronarius is a 2-3m high very hardy, deciduous flowering shrub native to Southern Europe and distributed in many parts of the world.

The mock orange shrub is a very popular ornamental plant in gardens and park landscapes in temperate regions, grown for its early summer flower display and highly scented flowers.
The creamy white blossoms look somewhat similar to those of Citrus flowers and also smell like orange flowers or jasmine (Jasminum), hence the name "mock orange". Though not related to the jasmine, in Europe it is usually mentioned as the false jasmine due to its sweet, jasmine-like scent.
Mock-orange flower closeup-Philadelphus coronarius
The mock orange plant bears light green leaves with serrated edges on pale red-brown branches, forming attractive flowering hedges, when planted in groups.
Mock orange-Philadelphus coronarius


Janie said...

What a beautiful flower, and I can imagine that it would smell delicious.

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