Bon Jovi in Bucharest-July 10th 2011-videos

For the first time in Romania, Bon Jovi offered an unforgettable show in downtown Bucharest, on Sunday evening (July 10th 2011).
The show started as announced, at 8:00pm, and the song that kicked off the show was "Raise Your Hands," followed by "You Give Love a bad name."
"I hope it is hot enough for you," said Jon, promising to rise the nearly 40 degrees of the thermometers even more.

Here are a few videos already uploaded to YouTube.

It's my life-Bon Jovi - Bucharest July 10th 2011

For 3 hours, the over 55,000 fans from Romania and several neighbor countries (Bulgaria and Hungary) listened to the band's most famous songs, an amazing setlist of 19 songs and 7 encore.
It was the best show of the year, people say. The fans were singing together with the band, dancing, shouting and wishing Happy Birthday to Richard Stephen, "Richie" Sambora, the longtime lead guitarist of Bon Jovi, who turns 52 today, July 11th 2011.


Have a nice day-Bon Jovi - Bucharest July 10th 2011

Judging after the 3 hours length of the concert and the many encore songs, it was difficult for the Bon Jovi rockers too to leave the audience but they promised they'll come back sometimes.

Living on a prayer-Bon Jovi - Bucharest July 10th 2011


Janie said...

It must have been a most exciting performance!

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