Bon Jovy in Romania-2011 European Tour

In a few hours, Bon Jovi will perform for the first time in Romania, today, on July 10th 2011.

To the requests of Romanian fans the rockers added Romania to the list of destinations of their 2011 European Tour.
After a career spanning over three decades, the band is performing live for the first time in Romania, Greece and Turkey.

Tens of thousands of fans are waiting for the gates to open at 4:00 PM, in a 37°C terrible summer heat.
Quantiq and Stillborn bands will open the concert at 6:20PM. We are awaiting Bon Jovi to perform after 8:00PM.

The band will spend only a few hours in Bucharest, leaving the town right after the concert, to their next destination, Düsseldorf.

It's my life, one of the well known songs of this legendary band:


See some new videos from this concert in my next post!


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