Colors of change-new restaurant in my neighborhood

Thanks to developers and planners making big money, our neighborhood is invaded by an avalanche of new, tasteless buildings.
Also, more and more of the old residential buildings with beautiful architecture are getting new owners lately.
Either the old owners die out or they can't support any more financially the costs of such a big household.

With the new owners come the new make-over and the change of destination too.

From the distance, I saw this beautiful old house, painted in the "colors of change" and a flag flying on the top of it, so I wanted to have a closer look.
Old building with new make-over
Guess what, it's a restaurant. It's red, so what? It could be worse, like pink.
Don't get me wrong, I like pink flowers or pink pyjamas but with buildings it's something else.
New restaurant in the neighborhood
The front yard looks very pleasing too with minimal but satisfying outdoor furniture and a little fountain close to the entrance, creating a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.
The part I don't like is the "sad looking" frame containing the menu and the prices, right at the main entrance but I understand that they have to attract new quest somehow.

Surprisingly, there is no loud shouting music, making the neighbors lose their minds along the street.
Old fountain in the front yard
Back home I've browsed the web to find out more about this place.
People say, it's a classy restaurant with good music, excellent service and acceptable prices (for the rich).
Well, I'm not rich but I might try it out one day...


Jama said...

That's one majestic building, never mind about it being red. It's a colour that grabs one attention right away. I definitely would want to visit the restaurant just to enjoy the great view of it.

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