Watermelon street vendors-pictures

New watermelon supply is arriving at the street corner.
Watermelon street vendors come to us from over 500 km, from the south-east of the country.
They have a very harsh life, practically living and sleeping near their watermelons from early summer till early fall.

This year they will have a very low profit, if...
Supermarkets are loaded with watermelons at a very low price (30 cents/kg), almost for free. I have a hunch that this price has something to do with the exploding watermelons back in May, when Chinese farmers applied a chemical growth accelerator on watermelons, causing them to explode in the fields.

While these people were unloading two trucks full of watermelons, I tried to capture one flying in the air.
Watermelon street vendors-unloading watermelons
I asked this vendor for permission to take a photo and she was so kind and happy about posing for me that she even insisted to reward me with a cantaloupe melon, for free. I still don't understand why.
This was the first time in my life that I took a photo of someone, no questions asked.
Proud watermelon vendor-portrait
Cantaloupe melon on the table


Larry said...

I've missed seeing your posts... great pictures! Larry

Tina´s PicStory said...

This melons are mouthwatering! :)
You see, I´m always good for a surprise! Hope you will jump in again to *Weekendflowers* and may be *PicStory* with this melons?!
I have deleted your first comment.
LG Tina

Janie said...

Nice capture of the watermelon in the air.

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