Yorkshire Terrier-toy dog picture

I met this sweet Yorkshire Terrier in front of the neighborhood grocery. He is not much longer in size than his master's shoes but still a "big dog in a small package".

These toy dogs are very sweet but Yorkies have very different behavior towards strangers.
This little Yorkie looked friendly but became very yappy as soon as I pointed my camera at him.
That's understandable, many dogs have had a bad experience at some point in their lives, with photographer shooting with flash.

He stopped barking as soon as he realized that he is not the pack leader but still wouldn't stay still for a moment. Each time I tried to take a shot he was out of the frame, except this one photo, out of five.
Yorkshire Terrier sitting near his master's feet-portrait photo


Photos by Stan said...

Glad you persisted -- that is one cute dog.

Janie said...

They're cute little dogs. Great photo of him.

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