6 free wallpapers with window frost texture

6 wallpapers with window frost patterns for you to download.

The lacy, delicate texture of frost crystals on the window glass will soon become old days memory, with the new generation, isolated plastic windows.

Window frost pictures are lovely background images for the cold season and winter holidays.
Download and use them on your website, blog or desktop.

Window frost patterns 1-free wallpaper from http://colormagicphotography.com Fern frost-free wallpaper from http://colormagicphotography.com
Frost texture-free wallpaper from http://colormagicphotography.com Window frost 4-free wallpaper from http://colormagicphotography.com
Window frost pattern 5-free wallpaper from http://colormagicphotography.com Frost crystals on window glass-http://colormagicphotography.com
Image use:
You are free to download all these Christmas images for non commercial use.
Click on the image to enlarge, right click and choose save image as to save it to your PC.
With so many different screen resolutions and aspect ratios you may need to resize/crop them for your own needs.

You can use these free images as desktop background, webpage or blog background, greeting card or in any of your projects, for personal use.
You can't sell or distribute them, neither claim that they are yours.

All images are web quality (low resolution), not for prints.
High resolution images of beautiful, feathery frost patterns  and frost crystals on window glass for commercial use can be purchased at a low price, royalty-free by clicking at these links.
Come back tomorrow for the next free image.


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