White crocus flowers-spring crocus photos

It's another warm, sunny spring day today. I just took some photos of gorgeous white crocus flowers during my short Sunday walk.
They were graciously smiling at the passers-by from a, yet empty flower bed near the sidewalk.
These are very small, just 5-6 cm tall crocus plants, growing wild in Eastern Europe's woodlands and gardens as well.

Beautiful white crocus flowers-top view
Beautiful white crocus flowers 

They bloom in early spring, shortly after snowdrops.
In full sun the blooms open up and show their pure white petals. As the sun goes down, these white Crocus flowers close up for the night.

White spring crocus closeup
White spring crocus closeup 

The underside of the petals have a light purple coloration which is only visible when the flowers are closed.

White-purple crocus flowers-side view
White-purple crocus flowers

See also our autumn flowering, purple crocus.


Unknown said...

very pretty!

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Beautiful photos.

Regards and best wishes

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