Franciscan Church Cluj-Baroque style interior photos

The church in the background of the first picture is a Roman-Catholic church, the Franciscan Church.
It was built between 1260 and 1290 and is on of the oldest buildings of Cluj-Napoca (my town). It may not tell much from the outside but it does from the inside.
Franciscan Church in Cluj
In 1390, the Benedictine monks extended the church by building a small Gothic cloister near it.
It is the red painted building near the church, which is hosting a music school these days.
Franciscan Church in Cluj-Biserica Franciscana
The monastery was built in Gothic style with the support of Hunyadi János (Iancu de Hunedoara-Romanian) the Voivode of Transylvania (1440–1456), and father of the Hungarian king, Matthias Corvinus.
It has a heritage consisting of various objects used in liturgy, altars, series of old manuscripts and a library.
The Roman-Catholic church was reconstructed in Baroque style in the early 18th century (1728-1745).

Passing by, I can often hear the old organ playing, a sound that slows you down even when you are in a hurry and invites you inside the church.
That's how I managed to take some photos of the beautiful, Baroque style interior which is not always an easy task, with people praying inside.
The organ-Franciscan Church Cluj
Detail of the main altar

Main altar-detail-Franciscan Church Cluj
See more interior photos in this slideshow:

This old church building, like everything else in my town is very neglected, no restorations were made in the last decades.
The bright side of this is that I was able to take some puddle shots, reflecting the church building.


Contesa said...

Hello, I love your pictures of Cluj. I hope you will post many more as I have such great memories of this city where I once lived :-D

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