Flowering Black Locust tree-Robinia pseudoacacia

Black locust trees are in full bloom in May, feeling the air with their pleasant fragrance, similar to orange blossoms.
Its white flowers are pea-like, borne in long, pendulous racemes, just like Wisteria and Laburnum tree flowers. The flowers are edible and an important source of the renowned acacia monofloral honey.
Its fruit are long pods containing 4-8, dark orange brown seeds. These seed pods ripen in late autumn, hanging on the branches until next spring.

 Black locust trees  are planted alongside streets and in parks in my town, as ornamental trees. One of its common names is False Acacia.
Old trees of this species can reach 1.6m in diameter and even 50m in height.

Black Locust tree branch with white flowers-Robinia pseudoacacia
Because of its huge size, this tree is not for small gardens but its little sister, the Rose Acacia or Bristly locust is an ideal garden tree.

The wood of Black locust trees is extremely hard, durable and rot resistant. It is used for furniture, flooring, paneling, fence posts and highly valued as firewood.



very nice work...good images..thank you

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