Bristly Locust - Rose acacia in flower-Robinia hispida

Rose acacia - Robinia hispida is the little sister of flowering trees and shrubs in the pea family (Fabaceae).

Unlike the large Black locust tree, Rose Locust is a medium-sized shrub, 1.5-2m tall with the same spread, ideal for small gardens.
Though its branches are very fragile, these twigs are very well armed, being covered with dense, sticky bristles. That explain some common names of this species like Bristly Locust and Hairy locust.

I don't see this tree very often in gardens and I was surprised to find this one on the street, near the sidewalk.
Blurry because of the wind, my close-up photo still shows you its dark-brown to violet bristles and the long, sharp thorns at the base of the branches.

Close-up photo showing rose acacia flowers, bristles and thorns
Bristly Locust - Rose acacia flowers, leaves, bristles and thorns 

Flowering Rose Acacia tree - Robinia hispida
Flowering Rose Acacia tree
Rose acacia has very showy, rose-pink flowers, formed in short clusters in May-June. Sometimes, on a hot summer, it flowers for the second time at the end of July- early August.

Its leaves are mid green, pinnate with 7-15 leaflets which are larger than on black locust.

This shrub needs no maintenance except some protection from strong wind as its branches can easily get broken.

It is drought tolerant, prefers full sun, sandy, poor soil and dislikes wet feet.


Giancarlo said...

Stupenda fotografia!! ciao

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