Snowball viburnum - Viburnum macrocephalum photos

Snowball viburnum bushes in full bloom are an impressive focal point in the May landscape.
I'm following this Chinese viburnum more than a week now, waiting for the green flowers to finally turn pure white. Too much rain and too low temperature is what kept it from blooming earlier.

Viburnum macrocephalum is a hardy, large growing shrub, up to 3-4m (10 - 13 feet) in height with an equal spread.

Snowball viburnum flowers - Viburnum macrocephalum branch
Chinese Snowball viburnum bush branches with flowers 

The flowers are born in clusters of an apple green color at first,  growing into large, white snowballs when in full bloom.
The heavy, ball-shaped flower head is composed of many, tiny, sterile florets. Puffy, pristine-white blossoms nearly cover all the branches on the shrub.

Snowball viburnum flower-closeup photo
Viburnum flowers - white snowballs 

It prefers partially shaded growing conditions, slightly moist but well-drained soil.

This last picture was taken about a week earlier than the previous ones. The yet green flowers among the leaves are barely visible.

Snowball viburnum shrub with green flower buds


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