Fruit carving - table centerpieces

Fruit carving demonstration were one of the most attractive shows at the international outdoor cooking championship, held in my town.
Turkish chefs carved all kind of fruits, creating beautiful table centerpieces from watermelons, pumpkins, cucumbers, in front of the curious crowd.
Here are a few of them:

 This table centerpiece of carved pumpkin and roses sculpted of beet was my favorite art piece.

Carved pumpkin and vegetables-table centerpiece
Carved pumpkin and vegetables-table centerpiece 
This image and other ones can be purchased in high resolution for a few pennies, royalty-free.

This plate of appetizers with a sculpted melon as main piece, was admired as well.

Appetizers on a plate decorated with a carved melon
Appetizers on a plate decorated with a carved melon
All these watermelon sculptures were beautiful too. I admired these palm trees made of cucumbers (I think).
Carved pumpkin and vegetables-table centerpiece
Beautiful, carved watermelons and vegetables on a table.
I captured on video one of the chefs, while carving a watermelon.
Please watch this short video demonstration of an easy fruit art piece, among more photos of carved fruits:


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