Create Festive Computer Desktop Wallpapers

With all the beautiful Christmas decorations in our homes, it's easy to forget about our closest friend, the computer.
Dressing up your computer screen with some Christmas glam, will help you feel the magic of the Holiday Season and create a festive holiday mood.

The reason I write this post is that I have some Christmas wallpapers on this blog that you can download and use as desktop wallpaper.
Most people know how to personalize the desktop but there could be others that don't.

Creating custom desktop wallpapers for your computer can be done in three easy steps. The first thing to note is that the size of the image needs to match the size of the desktop, so the first step is to:
Find monitor screen resolution

Step 1. Find out your monitor's resolution.

Right-click on any blank area on your desktop and

- In Windows 7 click screen resolution, in the context menu (picture at the right).
- In Windows XP click Properties and click the Settings tab on the Display Properties box.

The next window shows your actual monitor's resolution, that will be different, probably, from what you see in the picture bellow, marked with the red oval.

This is the size your image must be. Note the resolution and close this window, or click cancel.
Actual monitor screen resolution

Step 2. Get your image ready

What you need is a clear picture with an uncluttered background and some free space, so you can see your icons on the desktop. If you don't have such and image, you can use one of my gift images, offered for my readers or you can purchase some stock photos for a few pennies.
  • Choose images with the closest aspect ratio (proportions) to that of the monitor, 4:3 or 3:2 for wide screen monitor.
  • Use any (free) image editors like InfranView,, Ghimp or Photoshop to resize, crop or flip the image.
    When resizing the image, don't forget to check the box that says "Constrain Proportions" or "Preserve Aspect Ratio" to avoid the resulting image being distorted after resize.
  • After resizing, if the difference between the size of the image and the size of the monitor is significant, you have to crop a part or the image.
  • Another solution is to use a smaller image and place it on a matching solid color background. Jingle bells are traditional symbols of Christmas and New Year.
  • When you are satisfied with the result, save your image.
Set new desktop background

Step 3. Set the new background

Go to the folder where the image is saved, right-click the image and choose "Set as desktop background".

You are done now.


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