Beauty Bush - Linnaea amabilis (Kolkwitzia amabilis)

One of the great advantages of photography is that you become aware of things that surrounds you but you never paid attention to before.
I often passed by these bushes by car but I never came closer to see what they are, until now.
This is the beauty bush, Linnaea amabilis, earlier known as Kolkwitzia amabilis and it really deserves its name.
This spreading shrub, with gracefully arching branches, blooms in late spring with light pink bell-shaped flowers.
Flowering Beauty bush (Linnaea amabilis)
Beauty bush (Linnaea amabilis) flowers This shrub is usually as wide as tall and needs plenty of room to develop its long, arching branches. Not a good idea for a small gardens but if you have the necessary space for it, this bush is a real garden delight.
These shrubs in the photos are growing wild and they love it, though they are very rare and threatened in the wild. They don't need any care and don't like to be pruned.
Beauty bush flowers with a bee-macro Bees and birds love these flowers too.
In autumn, once again the shrub lives up to its name, developing intense purple or white berries on their branches, another color spectacle of nature. I can't wait to take some photos of those beautyberries too.

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